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Birth Plan - Yoga Teacher’s Point of View

I had my birth planned; Location, type of birth, preferred methods of pain management (none but breathing, of course), possible positions, dimmed lights, music playlist and the list goes on. It was all put on paper and shared with my caregivers. I was prepared.

But the reality couldn’t have been further than my plan list.

I clearly remember the painful feeling of disappointment with each turn in the route that wasn’t according to plan. Two major milestones of disappointment were surrendering to epidural (after which instead of spending the nigh trying to rest before what was supposed to be time for labor, I spent the night torturing myself about how come I didn’t manage to handle the pain, thinking that I failed both as a strong woman and as a yoga teacher) the second was when I accepted the doctors’ suggestion to go into c-section. I felt so disappointed of myself, I cried.

In hindsight. I wish I would have created a different kind of a birth plan.

I would keep the birth plan that I’ve created but re-call it Birth Wish List. Additionally, I would create Birth Plan wherein my only plans would be:

  • I plan to be present and flexible, to accept the surprises that my birth will bring to me

  • I plan accepting being out of control of my birth circumstances

  • I plan to listen to my body and trust both my physical feelings and my intuition

  • I plan to respect my own limits and accept them with love and compassion

  • I plan to not judge myself

  • I plan to practice love and kindness towards myself

  • I plan to overcome my need to be polite and communicate my needs with my caregivers

  • I plan to trust that life brings me whatever it is that I am strong enough to handle

my baby's feet

I think it would have been a more empowering “birth plan”.

It would have certainly been more inline with the yogic philosophy.

Wishing you all a healthy birth with lots of love for yourselves and your babies!

Will be happy to hear your thoughts and experiences.

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