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How to Reduce Menstrual Pain with 6 Simple Yoga Poses.

If you are are suffering from period pain and menstrual cramps, some simple yoga poses can help you reduce the pain level.

All you need is a yoga mat (or a carpet) and a yoga bolster (or a big pillow, something like those back-of -a-sofa pillows will do).

1. CAT & COW

Cat & Cow - Reduce period pain with yoga

Start on all fours. Place your hands below your shoulders and your knees below your hips, shins parallel on the ground. Move with your breath: exhale into Cat (press your hands into the ground, round your spine, bellybutton pulls up towards the sky). Inhale into Cow (move your chest down, tailbone up, shoulder-blades together, gaze up). Repeat at least 5 times.


Pelvic circles - manage your period pain with yoga

Stand on all fours, circling your hips slowly to one side, making your circles bigger with each round. Breath steadily. Explore the full range of your movement, eventually, your buttocks may touch your heels as you circle. After 10 rounds, change direction.


Vajrasana - yoga pose to relief menstrual pain

Sit on your shins (knees together, buttocks on top of your heels). If this is too much on your knees, open your knees apart. Place a bolster on the ground at the edge of your toes. press your hands down on the ground behind you, elongating your spine. Walk your hands back until you lie down on the bolster. If this is too much on your knees/ lower back/ thighs, elevate the bolster by adding more pillows or blankets.

Let your arms drop down to the ground, close your eyes and breath. Stay in this pose for a few minutes.


Balasana on bolster for period pain

Kneel on the floor, bring your big toes to touch, open your knees slightly wider than hip width apart and sit down on your heels. Bring the edge of the bolster as close as you can to your groins and lower abdomen. Walk your hands beside the bolster away from your knees until your belly is flat on the bolster. Let one side of your head rest on the bolster. Stay for a few minutes, breathing quietly (change the direction of your gaze half way through the pose to protect your neck).


Virasana - naturally reduce menstruation pain with yoga

Kneel on the floor. Keep your knees together but open your feet until you can sit down on the ground. (If this is too much, place a block or pillow between your legs and sit on the block). Elongate your spine. Breath. Relax. Imagine your blood flow streaming down towards the earth.


Suptah Baddha Konasana - yoga for period pain

Sit on your buttocks, bring your feet together and let your knees splay out to the sides (like a butterfly). place the bolster behind you as close to your behind as possible, lift your chest up and walk your hands back until you lie with your back on the bolster. Stay here for a few minutes, concentrating on your breath. (If you have time to prop, elevate the bolster to a diagonal so you will be lying with your head up as shown in the illustration).

Other natural ways to help you manage your period pain:

A warm Pillow

This one is a life saver, and often my best friend. Carry it on your lower abdomen wherever you are, sitting, driving, in bed, even when you cook. I find that it immediately eases the pain.


I know the only thing you can think of doing right now is curl into yourself, but actually doing the opposite can help much more. Going out for a stroll, no matter where, even a short walk to the near corner store can help.

Epsom Salt Bath

Sit in there for as long as you like and can. It makes you feel much more at ease

AND, if you suffer from severe pain, the kind of pain that doesn't allow you to function, I suggest you consult a specialist. In my view, a solution shouldn't simply be taking pain killers, but finding out the root of the problem and treating it . (I found acupuncture and Chinese doctors to be extremely helpful).

Do you know any natural ways to relief period pain? please share them below!

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