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6 Steps to Help You Balance in Yoga Poses

Before starting, I must say that our balancing ability can vary greatly from one moment to another, so try not to take yourself too seriously and know that even after you mastered a balancing pose there will always be days when you will keep tripping over (and probably it would be that day when you want to show your boyfriend what a balanced Yogini you became...)

Despite that, here is a technique which helps me stabilize my body and stay longer in balancing poses:

1. Foundation:

Always start by standing still. Know what part of your body is going to be the one staying on the ground (unless you are intending to fly). Ground this part of your body firmly to the ground, activate the muscles holding it (foot - calf+thigh/ hand- arm). Transfer your body weight to the grounded part of your body, the one which is going to take all the weight in a few seconds.

2. Drishti Point:

Find a point somewhere in front of you on the ground, which is not going to move. This is going to be your focus point, Drishti point in Sanskrit. (I love the sound of it, don't you?)

3. Breath:

Steady your breath. Keep your breath long and calm.

4. Center Line:

Imagine a line going in between your feet up all the way between your legs, in through the middle of your torso, middle of your neck and coming out of the crown of your head (basically imagine you were a Kebab). This is your center line. Focus your mind on this line, imagine making it longer - down towards the ground and up towards the sky (or wherever your head is pointing at). Focusing on elongating your center line, even in a curled up position such as crow pose, will make you use your core, stabilizing muscles.

5. Repeating:

Practice all the above just before going into the pose, but keep repeating those one by one while balancing.

6. Perspective:

When you trip over or fall try not to take it hard on yourself. This is only yoga, and you are only a kebab...

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