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Why Would you Take a Private Yoga Class - Five Good Reasons.

Anyone could benefit from a private yoga class. But for some people, a private class could really be a life changer. To me, those people are -

1. People who are not Confident Going to a Public Yoga Class

Have you always wanted to join a yoga class but was embarrassed? Let's face it -going to a class full of fit, flexible, tight-abbed yoginis can be intimidating.

If you feel that you are not flexible enough/ fit enough/ spiritual enough or simply not good enough to show up to a public yoga class, you can benefit from taking a few private classes.

Don't get me wrong! I don't believe you, or anyone is not good enough. What I do believe is that overcoming our lack of confidence can be a lifelong journey. (And you don't want to wait until you are 90 to start practicing yoga.)

Taking a private yoga class will help you build your confidence. You will be able to see your strength, familiarize with the different yoga poses and terms and you are likely to feel more comfortable joining a public class just after a few private classes.

3. People who are Injured, Recovering from an Injury or have a Physical Disability

If you are recovering from an injury, an operation, an emotional turmoil or have any kind of a physical special need, it is likely that you will have to adjust some of the yoga poses in your practice.

While teachers in a public yoga class may give you some guidelines or alternative poses to suit your needs, they will probably not have the time to give you the attention and guidance you really need. As a result, you might either feel achy, frustrated or even make the problem worse.

In a private class, the teacher will go through the poses with you thoroughly, teaching you how to approach them in such a way that will help you overcome your injury and practice safely. They will tailor yoga sequences which are of most benefit to you.

One private class might be enough in order for to feel comfortable going back to a public class considering the knowledge you acquired. Or, you might want to take a few more privates until you feel stronger and more confident.

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3. People who Want to Work on a Specific Yoga Pose that is Challenging for Them

There are many reasons why a certain yoga pose or sequence can be especially challenging for you. It might be that you need to build on strength or mobility in a certain place in your body in order to come into the pose safely. Perhaps you developed fear of a certain pose which you would like to overcome (for example, I was afraid to stand on my hands due to a past elbow fracture. With specific guidance, I was able to overcome this fear).

Whatever it is, taking a private class while focusing on the challenging pose, is likely to help you find ways to make the pose more approachable for you. Who knows? You might even start enjoying it...

4. People with Less Flexible Time Schedule

If you are looking at the timetable at your local yoga studio and don't find a class you can possibly join, a private class can be the solution for you. Parents, Businessmen/women, those who work shifts, and alike. If you can't find a public class at a time frame which is available to you, don't give up your practice altogether.

Many yoga teachers would come to teach you at your home or find a space near your work place. It is convenient and time-saving.

5. People who Want to Practice with a Partner/ Friend/ Family member

You might want to practice yoga with your partner/ friend/ parent/ child - making it a quality time together. In this scenario you may want to ask the teacher to incorporate partner poses in the practice. Those poses are fun and will help build a relationship of trust between you and your loved one. Sharing yoga time together is such a beautiful, healing, experience.

Generally, my advice regarding taking a private class is this: If you feel like you could benefit from a private yoga class, don't be turned down by the price. Try to find a good yoga teacher with reasonable prices. If price is still an issue, try partnering up with a friend, sharing the cost of the class. And if you can't afford practicing once a week, - practice once every two weeks, or even once a month with a teacher. It is better than not practicing at all.

Please share your own views/ experience/ questions about private yoga classes below...

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