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Is it Possible that I Haven't Been Breathing all Day?!

Hmmmm.... No. (And if you did please let me know how you did it in the comments below!).


It sure does feel like it sometimes.

Often when we are placing our minds in long to-do lists - doing, doing, doing and doing all day long, our breath throughout the day is shallow.

When I was working as a full time Marketing Manager, at the end of the day, going out of the office, I was feeling as if I wasn't breathing at all throughout the whole day.

Shallow breathing is harmful, especially in a cumulative manner. So if you find that you are having this feeling quite often, you might want to place more of your attention towards your breath.

One of the advices I was given was to take a break from my computer, find a quiet space (even the toilet if this was the only place you could find in your work environment) and consciously breath deeply for three minutes.

It's hard to believe it, but I personally "didn't find the time" to do even that.

If you are like me, and you find that you can't spare 3 minutes of your working day for breathing, (?!?!?) try to practice deep conscious breathing at home, before you go to bed.

Start with three minutes a day and gradually increase this time when you feel ready.

Also, you can read my article about Conscious Breathing.

Three things researches say about the benefits of deep breathing that can encourage you to practice:

1. It can help you lose weight (faster metabolism)

2. It can help you with skin conditions (detoxifying)

3. It can help you reduce stress

Just Breath - Yoga pranayama

And I add:

It can help you be a nicer person to yourself and to others.

Wishing you happy breathing...

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