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Always Dizzy in a Yoga Practice? Practical Tips on How to Stop it.

I used to get really dizzy when I started practicing yoga to the point of almost fainting. I still get dizzy sometimes, but I have found some ways to cope with the dizziness which I'll happily share with you here: Eat Something Before Class Eating a burrito just before your yoga class starts is probably not the best idea, but try a fruit or some nuts. Sun Salutation

Coming all the way up from Head to Toe (Utanasana) to Mountain pose (Tadasana) makes many people dizzy. Avoid it by stopping at least once to fully exhale and inhale on the middle of your way up to Tadasana.

If this isn't enough, you can also keep your head down when you fully reached standing. Take another breath here, and only then roll your head up.

Lean your Forehead against a Wall

When you are really dizzy, stand facing a wall and lean your forehead against it. I found it more helpful in handling dizziness then moving into child's pose (as some would advise).

Easy on the Breathing

I love Pranayama, (breath control practices). I personally tend to forget about my breath throughout the day, so practicing deep breathing in class feels great.

However, when I started practicing, my body wasn't used to all that amount of oxygen suddenly coming in. Back then, practicing Pranayama made me feel really dizzy.

To help with that - just don't over do it. If you are a Pranayama beginner, don't extremely elongate your breath nor hold your breath too long. Take it slowly and gradually, increasing your capacity with each practice or whenever you feel ready.

Drink water Drink water throughout the day to make sure you are well hydrated before the class.

Check Yourself

If you are extremely dizzy in yoga classes you might want to consult a doctor. (Low blood pressure and Anemia are common causes).

Inform your Yoga Instructor

Make sure your yoga teacher knows about your dizziness.

Did you find ways of your own to handle dizziness in a yoga practice? Please share them with me in the comments below.

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