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Welcome to my Yoga and Well Being Blog

Who am I?

I have been practicing yoga for over 14 years now. Yoga has been a big part of my life and supporting my well-being in many cornerstones. Practicing Yoga helped me go through good times and harder times, and I would like to help others go through their lives' journeys more smoothly and happily by practicing yoga.

What's the use of yet another yoga blog?

Yoga is such a diverse practice with rich philosophy. I am only going to write about the experiences that I have gone through and learnt, either as a teacher or as a practitioner. I think everyone who is practicing something can contribute to the discussion, as long as what they are saying is genuine and sincere. This is the manner in which I intend to write.

What is the purpose of this blog?

I hope what I have to say will expose more people to the practice of yoga. I hope to make some of the practices more approachable. That is not to say that yoga should be practiced alone in front of the computer screen. I strongly believe in face to face teachers. I do however hope that the blog will entice people to taste a bit of what can yoga be like and more importantly how they can find more relief in life. And for those yoga practitioners, I hope to offer my understanding and point of view of yoga and its practice.

I am committed to keep learning and sharing my knowledge when appropriate.

I hope you will enjoy this blog, and I trust that I will enjoy writing it too :)


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